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About us

When we first held a cut black opal from a New York jewelry store in our hands in 1995, none of us ever believed, that this would be the beginning of an incredible love and passion. This small opal, glittering in all the colours of the rainbow charmed and captured us from this moment on. This fascination has a hold on us until today.

Out of curiosity the wish was born to learn more about these precious stones. In early 2000 we decided to visit the opal fields at Lightning Ridge ourselves. Once an experienced miner told us: "You will either love or hate this place. There is nothing in between!"

It was love at first sight! The opal fields around Lightning Ridge are the most beautiful places on earth for us. Here you will find a breathtaking nature, the greatest fellows, a deep relaxing sleep ... and the most stunning and valuable gemstones in the world, Australian black opals.

Since our first trip we have been frequently spending our leisure time on the Sheepyard and Mulga opal field. We have witnessed the ups and downs of this large mining area. During this time we made very good friends at the mines and that made us improve our knowledge of this wonderful stone. 

At first we spend our time fossicking on the Mulga dump. We have recently been digging underground in our friends' mine. In the beginning we had cutters to cut our opals. These days we cut ourselves and are able to offer highest quality gem opals.

We exclusively offer our own finds; opal rough, rubs and cut stones from the opal fields around Lightning Ridge. We ensure that our opals are genuine and no fakes. None of our stones are doublets or triplets. As an additional service we provide valuation certificates issued by internationally authorized and registered gemologists for our most valuable gem opals.

Yours Opalholics from Berlin, Germany